SUICOKE is a cult Japanese brand which originally made its mark with small accessories, such as hand painted 'Matryoshka Dolls'. Launched as a footwear brand in 2006 with a dedication to produce products of the highest quality. The company debuted their original sandal, equipped with SUICOKE Original Eva Footbed in 2012, designed to interact with the body in a natural way and reduce foot pain while walking. In 2014, further advancing the footbed, SUICOKE introduces a sandal with a Vibram® sole providing reduced weight, and superior traction and shock absorbsorbtion. With complete creative freedom and a fresh direction, SUICOKE has become known for its wide selection of performance sandals, including collaborations with the likes of Sasquatchfabrix., Deluxe, BEAMS and Norse Projects.

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Suicoke KISEE-VPO Navy, Footwear Suicoke KISEE-VPO Navy, Footwear



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